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Successful applications begin with proper surface preparation. ToughGuard’s NHP products outperform all other like products on the market. However, it is imperative to properly prepare surfaces prior to applying the TG NHP products. Prep time is inherent with all coating system applications and TG NHP is no different. To ensure optimal surface preparation ToughGuard had developed two products specifically for the TG NHP product range.

ToughGuard G-301 – High Powered Cleaning Action

ToughGuard’s G-301 is a water-based cleaning and degreasing product known for its superior performance in breaking down and removing carbon and soot build-up, greases and oils. G-301 can be used on all surfaces including; painted surfaces, non-painted surfaces, concrete and stone, wood decking, aluminum and many other surfaces. The removal of contaminants is imperative for the successful product adhesion. ToughGuard’s G-310 ensures clean surfaces for optimal TG NHP results.

ToughGuard G-168 – Rust Neutralizer & Converter

ToughGuard’s G-168 is formulated to neutralize rust (Iron Oxide) and convert rust into ferric phosphate creating a solid, rust neutralized surface which can then be coated with primers, base coats, top coats or ToughGuard’s NHP products. Our G-168 offers customers an alternative to sandblasting metal rusted surfaces.

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